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1) Does eyelash extension damage your natural lashes?

They do not if it’s applied correctly and properly, they are safe and do not ruin the health of your natural lashes. Be sure not to rub your eyes or tug or pull on the extensions because this can cause lash loss and even damage to your natural lashes.

Please follow after care of the lash extension after your appointment.

2) Why lashes extension is a long process? What is the process like?

It’s an intricate procedure – they literally attach each hair to your eye one by one. So you go in and take a few moments to go over what you want and what you expect then you lie down, close your eyes and the technician put the eye pads and tape beneath your eyes to protect the area then from there they will glue the lash extension on your natural lash individually.

3) What should I do before coming to my lash extension appointment?

  • Shower prior to your appointment to eliminate any unnecessary contact with water or steam within the first 48 hours will insure the glue bond between the extension and natural lashes has enough time to properly set.

  • Wear comfortable clothing cause you will lay down more than 60 mins.

  • Remove your contacts cause your eyes will be closed during the application.

  • Turn off your mobile just prior to your appointment, this is time to sit back and relax, singing cellphones will interrupt the treatment so enjoy ‘me’ time and let your lash transformation begin.

4) What shouldn’t I do before coming to my lash extension appointment?

  • No makeup – makeup products close to your eye will need to be removed prior to the lash application process. It will save time eliminate for the technician to apply your lashes instead of cleaning your makeup.

  • No applying face creams or sunblock to the eye area, the oils within many moisturizers and sunblock can prevent the lash glue from properly adhering to your natural lashes, dramatically reducing the longevity of your lash extensions.

  • No mascara – lashes must be fresh and clean in order to be properly prepped to receive eyelash extension.

  • No wearing large or dangly earrings – it can often get in the way while you are laying down getting your lashes done.

  • Do not curl your lashes on the day of your lash application – new need your lashes in the most natural and healthy state they can prior to your lash extension application.

5) How long does the lash extension last?

For some people it’s less time and for others it’s more, but average person can keep lash extension in and looking fly for 3-4 weeks. As mentioned, the lashes fall out as your natural lashes do so, as they think, you’ll need to get a refill if you want to keep them.

6) Can I wear mascara?

No, but honestly you don’t need to. They look like they have mascara on them at all the times. If you do decide you can’t live without mascara, know that you will be needing a refill way sooner than others.

7) Can they get wet?

Yes, after 48 hours you can wet them if you want. In fact, you should get them wet to clean them so you don’t get build up and junk in them. You will also need to brush them daily to remove caught debris and untangle them – like long hair.

8) How long do refill take? Is it expensive?

  • Depending on the refill booking and how thick you want your lashes extension to be.

  • Yes or No, depends. You can buy a refill packages 5 or 10 refills to get 20% - 50% off.

9) What are these things to avoid while wearing lash extension?

  • Spending time in a super humid places, like a sauna, could loosen the glue bond more quickly

  • You could also avoid letting the water pelt you in the face during your shower.

  • You should also avoid sleeping on your face.

  • Mascara and heavy eyeliner that will be tough to remove.

  • Oil make up products and moisturiser