What is the difference between Classic and Volume Lashes Technique?

Classic Technique is where one single extension is attached to one natural lash (1:1) resulting in added length, definition, and curl.

Volume Technique (Russian Volume) is where multiple extensions are attached together by the stylist using the smallest amount of adhesive creating a customized “fan” and attached to one natural lash. Volume Lashes are applied using 2-5 very thin, lightweight lash extensions to a single natural eyelash. Some refer to the different “fan” sizes by the number of individual extensions as 2D, 3D, 4D, etc. This simply tells the consumer the quantity of individual lashes make up each “fan.”

We have never before been able to offer such volume and fullness to our clients in a safe and sustainable way until now. The result is unparalleled fullness while still being lightweight and safe for long-term wear. As with all of our services, we can adjust the fullness level, length, and curl to suit exactly what you want.

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